Meeting Unqualified Disasters With Collaborative Reflection

Have you ever finished a lesson and your next thought was…”What the heck just happened?” It happens to everyone at some point.  You have a plan, maybe it seems great or maybe it seems ambitious, but either way, you are going to see what you can do with your kids.  Then, BOOM, the lesson just takes a nose dive and it is basically a wash.

This happened to me today.  I had my reservations about how this lesson would go, but as it is part of a new program we are instituting, I felt it was worth the attempt.  I prepared everything I could, and even added some things I thought would help the lesson reach my kids.  I sold out for the lesson and gave it my best shot, but in truth it was something my class was just not ready to get.

So what to do?  I could easily plug on and continue.  I could go back and reteach the lesson, which is the common course of action.  Today I took a different course.  I went to my partner teacher for the pilot program and shared with her my complete disaster.  She hadn’t yet taught the lesson as we were a day ahead.  We talked about what happened in my lesson, where it went wrong, and discussed ways we could both move forward.

In the end, it wasn’t going back to reteach, it was collaborative reflection that gave me the best perspective.  Ultimately, I will be reteaching material.  It is not the reteaching that is the important part though, it was the ability to reach out to someone else and problem solve the lesson together.  I hope through that discussion we both have more success tomorrow!

Your learning opportunities are often also the opportunities of others.  Share, gain multiple perspectives, and build a path forward from the lessons you have learned.