Happy Birthday #HardKor @tritonkory


Ok so I have admittedly written about Kory Graham before.  You know, the cape wearing, glitter hating, hype-woman who pretends it is awesome to brave subzero temperatures for months up Minnesota!  Well today I am writing about her even more!

April 3rd is her birthday.  She is quite possibly my best twitter friend.  I have not met her in person, but it changes nothing. Kory is always supportive.  She often reminds me of so many things.  Kory is the light for so many of us that rely on when we need to find our way.  She is positive, energetic, and shows the kind of optimism we can only hope to share.

I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have added Kory to my life (not as part of my PLN) but just as part of my life.  I am better for her being in it and I hope that today on her Birthday, she knows how important she is to so many people.  I hope her birthday is filled with capes, glitter, real books, coffee shops that mimic voxer, green hearts and endless optimism.  It is just Kory and it is just her birthday.

Happy Birthday Just Kory Graham, you are one of a kind and I can’t imagine where I would have been this past year without you!

Birthday Cake


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