Reading Across America!


About two weeks ago I received a schedule for “Read Across America” week at my school.  Tuesday was the day this week when we were scheduled to have readers from the community come in and read to our class.  We had one scheduled.  I thought, “what if we really did Read with people from all across America?” How much fun would it be to get readers to share their love of reading from all different parts of our country?

Within a few minutes I had created a Google Sheet with sign up times, and I shared it with the world.  It took less than two hours to fill that list.  In two hours I had readers from ten different parts of the country to share their love of reading and about their place.  One of the goals was to just help them realize that there is such a large world outside of our world.  I had a few kids ask me if we could really visit those places, and two separate kids say that wanted to visit them all when they grew up.  Ultimately what they got to see was lots of people sharing a love of books that I hope to share with them.

Many people I have shared this with outside of the connected educator community thought this must have been hard to create, organize, and pull off.  The truth is, it was incredibly easy.  Having all of the amazing people that support, share and challenge me, makes this kind of activity not only possible, but relatively simple.



3 thoughts on “Reading Across America!

    • The first time I used GHO. This year I used and I had a room available to all teachers in my school to check it out. (It was poorly attended, but that doesn’t mean it is t worth trying. Also my kids learned a ton!)

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