Flipping Awesome

I have been a proponent of Flipping classrooms because over the last year I have learned a lot about the benefits, I have seen a number of people sharing success stories, and it just makes sense. Until this year I did not have the bandwidth to stream a video in my class effectively, so this year, this week I tried it for the first time with my class.

We only have the devices I bring in, but overall, I had put off flipping because I thought it required 1:1, or something like that. Today I tried it anyway. I created a video that explained how to do the project my class was working on, I played it on repeat while they worked on the project.

I was not surprised that the room went silent when “computer me” was giving directions. I was not surprised to find that many of the kids were engaged and trying repeatedly to get the steps completed. I was surprised most because the kids who “cannot get out of their own way” and/or “can’t stop themselves from moving” were not only the first ones to successfully complete the project, but they were so engaged it was as if they weren’t there anymore. They completely disappeared into the activity. Their levels of engagement were higher than I could have possibly imagined. I was so inspired by the transition, I made at least 1 more video for Monday already!

I have never had ANY new idea work that well on the first try! Imagine how engaged they would be if they had their own devices in front of them rather than a screen in the distance.

I will be flipping things a lot more often going forward.


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