Recognizing Greatness, My Nominees for the #eddies14

The Eddies are the EduBlog Awards. As I cherish any opportunity to give credit to those who deserve it, I found the chance to make some nominations a gift. So many of these people have given to me, so this is a small way for me to give back to them.

Best Teacher Blog Starr Sackstein

Starr’s blog is constantly sharing incredible ideas, learning, and reflections. She is sharing learning for the betterment of educators everywhere. Check out her blog, its worth your time!

Best Administrator Blog Dr. Spike Cook

Spike’s blog is the epitome of how a Principal can connect his learning, his work, and his school to both the community and the larger world. Each day he shares something that can make others better. If you are an administrator looking to start a blog, this should be your guide.

Most Influential Blog Post John Wick

In the midst of schools facing incredible stresses and the education profession dealing with negative publicity, John Wick’s post, Someone to Carry You is one of the most inspirational and heartfelt pieces of writing I have ever read. Not only has it inspired other blog posts along a similar line, but I have continued to reread this post for motivation many times.

Best Individual Tweeter Kory Graham @tritonkory

Kory is not only full of great learning to share, but she is an incredible friend, motivator, and support system. She is a dedicated educator that is purposeful with her tweets. Her twitter account serves as a place where she shares ideas, promotes growth and learning from others, and reaches out to the world. If you don’t already follow Kory, here is why you should:×2/

Best Hashtag / Twitter Chat created by Doug Robertson #weirded

Weird Ed is an incredible family of educators. Doug Robertson has created a chat that has created a place where educators think beyond the one-line answers from typical twitter chats. It is a place that can tackle some of the most taboo topics with grace, such as Ferguson, Gun Control & Schools, Mental Illness and Suicide. It is a place that has connected educators with one of Nasa’s elite in Bobak Ferdowski. It is also a place where educators can extend their thinking in a fun, jovial way in discussing important education topics through things like narwhals, the Muppets, and Star Trek. There is not a twitter chat out there like Weirded.

Best Free Web Tool

Touchcast is a revolutionary podcasting tool that offers limitless possibilities in the education world.

Best Use of Media (Video, Podcasts, etc.) Jeff Bradbury

Teachercast is an incredible ocean of education and technology resources that has combined podcasts of a number of different types that create a library that rivals any. If you are looking to find out about a concept, product, or any other education resource, chances are, it is available on Teachercast.

Best Educational Use of a Social Network by Brad Gustafson

The use of social networking for 30 second take is incredible. This is an incredible format that is fun and informative. Brad uses multiple social networking sites to draw in ideas and speakers for what is one of the best new podcasts for educators.

Best Mobile App Voxer
Voxer is an incredible way to build connections with people for either short term collaboration or developing better long term relationships.


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