Embracing the Failures

The Teacher's Journey

I set out to tackle the Blog 365 Challenge.  I did so with no expectations other than I would be writing a lot, and that I enjoyed writing.  Also, I had recently started a second blog.  I wanted to make sure that I did not neglect the second blog while taking on the 365 challenge.  So, as is my nature, I decided to take on a double challenge.

For many months I have written daily, in both blogs.  I have grown dramatically from this incredible reflective experience.  What I did not plan for was how this time commitment would strain me as I continued to take on new and excited projects, finished my MSA, and try to incorporate many new ideas into my classroom.  Essentially, I have found that writing any every day is becoming a burden rather than a joy.  It is no longer simply benefiting my practice, but…

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