Celebrating #CEOct w/ @lisa_hollenbach

Lisa is one of a number of amazing people I got to meet when I attended the #NJPAECET2 Conference in September.  I had been following Lisa for a while, but our connection had not really grown until we realized we were going to be seeing each other quite soon!  Once I did connect with Lisa, I realized just how amazing she was!  Lisa is extremely supportive.  While presenting was new for myself and a number of other educators at the conference, it was quite the routine for her.  She has worked with the Teaching Channel and given presentations on other occasions, yet she was supportive to me and other educators giving it their first shot.

I did not have the fortune to attend Lisa’s session, but I did get to hear about it quite a bit.  Lisa and I spent most of our trip to the conference sharing ideas for our sessions on Voxer and discussing various distractions along our route.  I knew Lisa was someone who totally understood my distracted nature when she sent me a picture of cows that had crossed the road near the conference!  We were in the middle of sharing our excitement and talking about the great things that we were going to present, when all of the sudden, COWS!

Lisa will be attending the national conference in New Orleans this weekend for ECET2.  She will undoubtedly be incredible, and I hope I get some great voxer messages sharing the action.  I had to pass on the trip, and although I am very comfortable with my decision, getting the chance to hear and share with Lisa face to face again is something I will certainly miss!

Lisa I am so glad to have connected with you.  Thank you for being awesome!


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