Celebrating #CEOct w/ @MisterMinor

I have been chatting on twitter with Cornelius Minor for almost as long as I have been on twitter.  Every time I join a chat with him I leave with at least one idea where I am in awe of the creative inspiration.  Cornelius has always seemed to be a very caring, passionate, and dedicated.  Until this weekend, when I had the chance to see him speak and then talk with him for a short time, I could only imagine.  Mister Minor works with middle school kids, so I would have had a hard time selling his sessions at this weekends Saturday Reunion at Teachers College to my administrator as a great use of my time.  Fortunately my last session ended early so we could attend the closing key note, which I will blog about later.  I ran down four flights of stairs, across the campus, and then up four more flights to catch up with him.

I can honestly say that the 10 minutes I spent listening to him share his passion with others reminded me of many other GREAT educators I have met in the past few months.  Cornelius showed a combination of knowledge, passion, and energy that combine to create an inspiring person to be around.  If that had been the end of the day, I would have left thinking he was a great educator.  Instead, when I stuck around to say hello, I had the chance to spend some more time with him.  In the short time I had to share with him on Saturday he was kind, humble, and intelligent as well.

I say all of these things because I had already found Cornelius Minor to be a person who I learned from, but having met him, I know realize he is much more.  Like many other great leaders in education that I have met recently, he has a way of reaching people, connecting with them on a personal level, and inspiring them to want greatness.

Upon my recommendation one of the teachers from my school did attend one of his sessions.  She had lots of great things to say.  What I found most telling about the kind of person he is, is that he thanked EVERYONE for coming in and letting him share his passion with them.  When we were getting ready to walk out together he asked me to wait so that he could make sure to thank each group still remaining.

Last year I had seen many people raving about getting to meet the amazing @misterminor but, since then, I have learned why!  Now I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be connected with him, and meet him face to face!


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