Celebrating #CEOct w/ @MissDenko

Just over six months ago I attended the Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Project’s Spring Saturday Reunion.  It was the first time I had attended any conference or event since joining twitter.  I was still pretty new to the whole thing and so I was sharing with the world.  While there were probably tweets that day that reflected my clueless nature of how to use twitter, I also first encountered an excited, inspired pre-service teacher that was grateful and happy to be at the event.  Her name was Sylwia Denko.

That day we attended a session together and didn’t even happen to see each other.  Since that day, I have continuously been impressed by Sylwia with how well prepared, positive, and engaging she has been as a first year teacher.  When I think back to my own first year, I cannot imagine being as good as she already seems as a teacher.  Sylwia is an inspiration for me.  I look at how incredibly prepared she is to take on the challenges of today’s classrooms, I see her sharing great ideas, and I think about how amazing it would be to have more educators out there like her.

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting her face to face for the first time at the latest Saturday Reunion.  We had the chance to talk for a few minutes before heading in our separate directions for the day.  She talked about being a first year teacher, but I got the feeling from her, that she is in a really good place.  I feel like in my 9th year in education, I am a decent teacher.  I am not the best teacher out there by far, but I feel good about what I do.  When I look at Sylwia Denko and what she is doing so early in her career, I can only think that the sky is the limit.

She continues to inspire me with  her passion, excitement, and incredible ability so early in her career.  Thank you for being so incredibly awesome and providing me with an ideal of what I would want to see in a new teacher.


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