Celebrating #CEOct w/ @MrsStevensonSS

Erin is in her second year of teaching high school, but she is wise beyond her years.  She is inspiring for so many reasons, not the least of which is, she is a cancer survivor.  She will tell you that she is not a hero, but she is.  She will disagree with me for saying it, but she is wrong.  Not only is she a hero because she is an inspiration to people who are struggling through difficulties of their own, but she also is inspiring as a teacher.

In only her second year, her creativity, caring and personality have made her one of the kids favorite teachers at her high school.  It is not hard to see why.  Erin consistently finds engaging ways to teach.  On her first day she did a community building exercise where kids did the marshmallow challenge rather than read through the syllabus and discuss rules and expectations.

Erin shares her awesome with the world.  She takes chances to benefit her kids and puts their interests before anything else.  Erin has created any number of awesome projects over the past month of school.  I know this because I am fortunate enough to know Erin through Voxer and we talk frequently on our commutes!

Erin Stevenson is everything that is right about the future of high school education., and it makes me happy to know there are teachers out there like Erin that are challenging the norms and creating meaningful learning environments for our older learners!


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