Celebrating #CEOct w/ @KeelyBShannon

Keely is quite possibly the hardest working teacher I know.  She gets to school at the same time as me, and she leaves after I am in bed some days.  I cannot fathom still being at school at 10pm.  That said, I learn a lot from talking with Keely (mostly through Voxer.)

The first night I remember connecting with Keely, we were talking about gender stereotypes.  I remember the conversation very well.  She talked about how we need to be careful with how we encourage girls and boys.  The words we use, the compliments we give, and the things we prohibit all impact how our children will think.  This has never left me because  I have a young daughter and I don’t want to limit her.

Also, Keely inspires me.  She has aspirations to some day go into education policy.  The opportunity was there, but she chose to teach.  Keely wants to have real teaching experience before making decisions about how to effect that experience for others.  Despite having many difficulties that I find similar to my first year, she is continuing to work hard and fight for what is best for her kids.  We need more people around like Keely, both in the classrooms and around them making policies.


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