Celebrating #CEOct w/ @MMECushmore

There is a large part of me that wanted to write this post in 16pt Purple Comic Sans just for Sally Cushmore, but then she might not read it! Sally is one of the coolest, most awesome people I have followed.  I think I first encountered Sally while making fun of speaking French as essentially worthless in real life.  Sally has caused me to rethink that, as she has shared a number of things that have made me realize that anything can come in handy… Even French!

Sally was the first twitter connection I ever met in real life.  We met at the zoo near my house.  I was a bit nervous about meeting someone from twitter.  Sally set the bar high!  We had an awesome time walking around the zoo with our kids, talking about our lives as educators and in general.

Sally is intelligent, funny, and honest.  She does not hold back what she things (in true Philly girl style) she brings it EVERY time you talk with her.  Sally will tell you she is just a normal, average person, but that is about as far from the truth as you can get.  If Sally was teaching French when I went to High School, I may just have bothered to learn it instead of google translating things into French just to send them to her!

Thanks Sally, you are one of a kind!


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