Celebrating #CEOct w/ @TeacherCast

I was introduced to Jeff Bradbury through shows he produced with his company, Teacher Cast.  I started working on a project with Jeff a few months ago.  While the project has stalled out a little (This is temporary) I have been fortunate enough to connect more frequently with Jeff.

Jeff is a dedicated educator who found a passion in education technology and has worked very hard to turn that into a business that allows him to empower others.  I had the great pleasure of meeting with Jeff and asking him about to tell me more about Teachercast.  When I asked him what was appropriate for his company, he simply responded, “My job is to provide a platform for educators.”

Meeting Jeff and learning more about him has been inspirational.  I often feel overwhelmed or frustrated by trying to accomplish all that I want while raising a young child and being the best I can for the kids I teach.  Jeff does all of this, but he also runs a company, and cares for triplets.  I try to realize that if Jeff can do so many things, I can do it as well.

I am fortunate to have connected with @Teachercast and Jeff Bradbury, if for no other reason than his own passion and drive are an inspiration.  I look forward to seeing more of Jeff’s work and hopefully getting back on track to working with him again soon!


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