Celebrating #CEOct w/ @ScottCapro

Scott Capro started the #BFC530 to get everyone up and going in the morning.  He started it to be a way to enhance connections for everyone and inspire people when starting their day.  Scott refers to it as a Spark Chat, but in reality, he is the spark!

I had the great fortunate of spending a lot of time with Scott Capro at the NJ/PA ECET2 Conference.  We had connected briefly on occasions in the past, but in the weeks before the conference, Scott and I happened to connect more frequently.  Having the chance to spend the day with him was a huge inspiration.  Like me, Scott had his first conference presentation.  I was happy I chose to attend his session.  What set the tone for me and spoke to me in a major way, was his selflessness.

Scott’s session was on connecting other educators, with a focus on twitter.  He had a few new users in the group including one woman with only her cell phone.  She was clearly struggling to keep up as both a first time user and someone using a phone while others were using computers or tablets.  Scott took his computer and offered it to her.  She was able to follow and interact using his computer.  That kind of caring, selflessness is what defines Scott Capro as an educator and a person.  He is the spark.  His passion and dedication to connecting others is amazing!


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