Celebrating #CEOct w/ @LisGurthie

Connecting with Lisa Gurthie is one of the kindest, most optimistic people I know.  Lisa has the ability to find the good in nearly any situation.  Oddly enough I don’t talk much with Lisa on twitter, though it is where we first connected.  Lisa and I talk A LOT on Voxer.  Nearly ever day I get to connect with Lisa through Voxer.  I feel very fortunate because Lisa is one of the most giving people I have ever met.

While most people tend to hold a bit of themselves back and divulge little bits and pieces, Lisa gives you everything of herself.  Her connections with people are perhaps some of the most genuine you will find anywhere.  Even though we do not always agree, Lisa shows me a different side of education and ideas on a regular basis.  She is thoughtful and insightful with her path as an educator.

Quite possibly the best thing about Lisa is her desire to help others.  She is so committed to doing things to help not only other educators but kids as well.  Lisa spends all of her time at school sharing and helping other educators.  I am lucky to have Lisa to inspire me to be a better educator, and a better person!  Thank you @LisGurthie for being such a great friend!


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