Celebrating #CEOct w/ @MiaMayer

Wow!  I have only known Maria for a short while and I think she rivals Sam Bates for my edutwin!  Maria is creative, funny, and smart.  That is an incredible combination for anyone, let alone a fantastic teacher.  I am always happy to see her name pop up on my twitter feed because I know whatever is about to come next will be engaging and interesting.  When Maria joins a chat, she not only brings incredible answers from which I can learn, but she does so in a way that usually makes me laugh.

There are few people in my PLN that make me laugh while learning quite like Maria.  What I like most is that she challenges me frequently.  If I am not bringing my best, she will make it clear that I can do better in a way that still makes me smile.  Maria’s classroom sounds a bit like mine.  She describes it as a place where she is singing, dancing, and enjoying learning with her kids.  Like my room, I am sure not every day is as awesome as this, but her vision for what primary education ought to be, is inspiring.

Maria is still pretty new in my PLN comparatively.  Despite that short time, I now feel like she has always been there!  Having Maria as someone I have connected with and someone who is becoming a fast friend, makes me feel very fortunate.  Everyone should have @MiaMayer and her fur babies in their PLN.


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