Celebrating #CEOct w/ @TheWeirdTeacher

It had to happen!  I was waiting for a chance when perhaps Doug Robertson’s ego had dropped just a little to share how much that connecting with him has meant to me.  The truth is, that larger than life personality is what makes Doug such an incredible connection, friend, and such an incredible person.  Like a large number of people in my PLN I met Doug through Sam Bates!  Doug has a directed passion for teaching kids like few people you will ever meet.  He channeled that passion into an amazing book “He’s The Weird Teacher” http://www.amazon.com/Hes-Weird-Teacher-Doug-Robertson-ebook/dp/B00EP354C2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412762062&sr=8-1&keywords=he%27s+the+weird+teacher you can buy it here!

Reading Doug’s book gave me an understanding of him as an educator that you can rarely get without spending long periods of time with someone.  It was both personal and insightful.  It showed me how similar we were as educators (perhaps frightening for Doug.)  Not only is the book filled with insightful discussion about actual teaching, but it is filled with inspiring, funny, and affirming stories.

One of the reasons Doug is such an amazing person to connect with, is his ability to connect personally with so many caring, genuine people (not just educators.) Doug’s chat #weirded is one of the most incredible chats I have ever been a part of on twitter.  He creates a fun, caring, honest atmosphere through asking insightful questions that use metaphor and humor to discuss important topics in educator and life.  Through Doug’s chat I have met so many other PLN members that I have or will write about this month.

Doug can be counted on for creativity, humor, passion, connections, and above all else, honesty.  He will always give it to you straight.  Every time you engage with Doug, you are getting him, 100%.  At times that has led the two of us to disagree.  I know I have driven him nuts with my unrelenting philosophical side that HAS to ask questions.  But, in the end, no matter what the situation, no matter which side of the line we fall on in a given topic, I cannot imagine being a connected educator without engaging with Doug Robertson.  He may be @TheWeirdTeacher but his is also the caring, passionate, inspiring person that I cannot thank enough for being an awesome connected educator.



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