Celebrating #CEOct w/ @LTaylorELA

Lauren is such an amazing person.  I have never met anyone with a passion for literature and a love for their kids quite like Lauren.  One of the first interactions I had with Lauren was a where she asked if anyone had any inspiration or advice for her outgoing seniors.  I talked with her a bit, then wrote a blog post instead of a tweet.  Since then Lauren and I have developed our connection into a friendship.

Lauren and I became better friends this summer through Voxer.  We have had the time to share with one another and I can always count on her for an honest, but caring assessment.  She will most likely find something grammatical about this post to crush me on, but what else are friends for (purposely leaving that one after it first came out because grammar.) Lauren is always open and honest about herself and about your ideas.

Because Lauren is such an incredible teacher, I had the opportunity to interact with her classes despite being at a new school in a new grade level.  When I meet new teachers in ELA, Lauren is the first person that comes to mind to try and help them connect.  Her chat (she lets @Mr_CrossJr share it because she is just that generous) #innoed isn’ t just one of my favorites, it is one of EVERYONE’s favorites.

Finally, Lauren has been busy being incredible this year while also becoming the first member of my PLN (That I know of) to be growing her connected family with a new little #peapod.  I can only think that Lauren will be an even more incredible mother than she is a teacher!  I am fortunate to have connected with her, and while I know she is busy being superwomen, I hope my friend is well enough to share her ideas, and her favorite pieces of writing (which are usually beautiful). Lauren, keep being incredible!



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