Celebrating #CEOct w/ @TritonKory 151:365×2

If I am going to think of my go to teachers, my best connections, the first that comes to mind is the incredible, the SUPER Kory Graham.  While I have yet to meet Kory (and I say YET because I consider this a must in my life) there might not be anyone I connect with that I genuinely believe cares about me more.  This post is actually hard to write because her friendship has meant so much to me over the past 8 months or so, that I have a hard time explaining it.  I think writing these celebration posts will be so valuable for me as I try to write this one, because it will give me a chance to reflect the importance all of the connections that I have made

Kory is an amazing spirit.  She is fiery, yet kind.  Who else would be so upset about a friend praising them because they were up too late doing it and have not been getting enough sleep lately!  Kory is quite possibly the most supportive friend I have ever had.  She is constantly liking my blog posts (and reads most of them amazingly) and finding my tweets and chiming in.  Kory also will be the first one to call me on being absurd.  She was the first person to step in and help with #TLeadChat when I was hoping others would start taking it over.  I can honestly say that during Kory’s current “scaling back” of her social media time, I miss her tremendously.

It was reading about her experiences at EdCamp that inspired me to jump in and facilitate a discussion at EdCamp Leadership.  She is the reason I have a cool cape picture (it isn’t even my cape) and there are probably about a thousand other things I have gained from her that I don’t even realize.  I don’t really refer to connecting with Kory as connecting, she is just my friend.  When she struggles, it is important to me to listen, when she succeeds it is important for me to share it!

Kory often is called by her connections “professional hype woman” but she is so much more than that.  You will not find a more caring, dedicated teacher to connect with anywhere in the world than @tritonkory and I am glad our paths have been connected!


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