Celebrating #CEOct w/ @Sjsbates 152:365×2

It didn’t take me long to realize that Connected Educator month is not about celebrating me being a connected educator in any way, but in celebrating and understanding the connections that mean the most to me.  With that in mind, it is time to celebrate Samantha Bates.  Sam is another educator that I found very early in my connected journey, and someone I am looking forward to meeting this summer (dear ISTE approve our submission.) Not surprisingly I made a connection with Sam almost immediately.  We are extremely similar!

Sam is incredibly smart, smart enough to challenge me on basically everything if she wanted to do so.  Fortunately for me, we don’t disagree often!  I can count on Sam to push me on ideas and to share some incredible ones of her own.  I can also count on her to make me laugh!  Her snarky wit is a great compliment for my own and hilariously enough it actually got us both blocked by someone on twitter at the same time (oh, the tragedy.)  That combined with her incredible drive and passion to help other educators is why I she is my go to person any time I want a partner in crime for a new project.

Because of that, Sam is the person I asked to share a podcast with me.   Even though the project has hit a small delay, I am incredibly excited to broadcast out with her because I know what she will bring!  I also asked her if she wanted to present with me at ISTE (again ISTE approve our submission {as if they are reading this].)

To me, Sam is like my smarter, funnier, harder working kid sister! She has introduced me to many of my other closest connections.  She is someone who I always want to make sure I stay connected with and I can’t imagine why anyone would not want @sjsbates as their friend.  I know I am lucky to have her!


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