Value of In House Connections 148:365×2

Last year was a difficult year for me as an educator.  If not for finding my PLN it would have been a bad one.  For reasons I won’t get into, I had my most trying and frustrating year as an educator.  I won’t say more, other than in the end, I loved my kids and they made me proud.  A lot of that success came from working with my PLN.  Now, I find myself in a better place.  I have a great group of educators that inspire and push me to be better.  But despite all of that, I also have something this year I didn’t have last year: someone in house to talk to every day.

There is something about having a peer connection in your building that just enhances what you are doing.  Instead of just sharing with the wider world, having someone to share with in my building is giving me a push in a different way.  Because we are working on a Pilot Program together for Writer’s Workshop (which is going incredibly well by the way) we talk daily.   I try to help her and she does the same for me.   I am pushed by her excitement, her passion, and her organization.

While she is definitely someone I hope to get connected as she is potentially open to it (I think), having her to be an in-house connection to push me to be a better teacher has made my year better so far.  I am excited for the great things to come!


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