How Are You Connecting? 150:365×2

There are so many ways to connect with other educators that there ought to be a way for EVERYONE.  I have had the discussion that not everyone will want to connect.  I have also had the discussion that Twitter is not for everyone.  But, as I think about this more, with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Voxer, Linkdin and others, there is a format for just about every time of learner.  What can we do to determine the “how” of connecting with others?

I am curious about what people prefer and why?  I am sure part of it has to do with learning styles, preferences to visual vs. auditory, preferring to read or see pictures, and many other things.  Surely, there is a connecting tool for EVERY kind of learner at this point.  So, as connected educators, we simply need to find ways to help other connect in a way that fits their learning style.

So often those of us using twitter consider it to be superior in some way.  Truly it is…for me.  But, it is not always going to be superior for everyone.  If you aren’t gaining something from it, nor offering anything to it, you are not really connecting.  If you find yourself more connected using G+ or Facebook or Pinterest, then by all means, use them!

I love the statement I heard from @ScottCapro where he said, “It doesn’t matter how, just connect.”  Find a way to help others connect where they fit best!


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