Bringing It EVERY Day 149:365×2

This week I was a chance for me as a teacher to realize something that I already knew: even though bringing the best every day is hard, we have to find a way to do it.  I had two days this week where I can honestly say I did not bring my best.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to do it, I just didn’t have “it”.  Not surprisingly my kids were less awesome than normal.  The correlation between their being awesome and me being at my best is clear.

The better I am, they better they can be.  I don’t always have to be perfect, in fact, I never will be.  It is important however, for me to find  a way to find that level of excellence EVERY day.  Kids can do amazing things.  I know many say we need to find a way to get out of their way, but in some ways I disagree.  We need to be leaders for them.  We need to explode with greatness, not because we want to be great, but because we want our kids to be great.

Some ways I can think of that get my days off to a better start:

Singing in my car (badly), engaging on Voxer, waking up in time for the #BFC530 chat, solving a problem, high fives for my kids

What ways do you improve the start of your day?


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