Is It OK To Be Good and Not Great 146:365×2

Is it ok for teachers to be good?  Is it alright for teachers to just do their job well?  This concept is difficult for educators that strive to be great.  It is hard for us to grasp the concept that others do not feel like they need to share with a wider group, learn continuously, and engage with other educators beyond their schools.  We get frustrated by the idea that we are alone in our schools, in our districts, or our areas.

Just as not every teacher is going to be a leader, not every teacher is going to be the dedicated learner that most connected educators tend to be.  While we would all love an ideal world where this exists, in reality, we are still separated in pockets.  Some of these teachers will never care to be, nor ever attempt to be great.  That does not make them bad teachers, in fact, many of them are very good and sometimes visit greatness.

My question then, is: Is it ok for a teacher to be happy with being good or does EVERY teacher (remember this is unrealistic) need to be permanently striving for greatness?


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