Presenting at #NJPAECET2 (Another First) 145:365×2

This past weekend I presented at the NJ/PA ECET2, TWICE! The experience was beyond incredible.  I have since had the opportunity to reflect a bit on how the presentations went and how I have changed.  It seems like every time I jump feet first into something new, I find myself peeling back another layer of mystery.  I find myself excited about the potential to present again (and again, and again).  Being in a room full of educators and sharing what you love is special.  Being in that room and having them engaged in what you love, is life-changing.

In the week since the conference ended, I have posted presentation proposals for ISTE 2015, gone to a day long workshop in New York, and shared during a professional development day in my own school.  I am changed.  I have heard other educators say that presenting at a conference has given them “the bug” and I can honestly say I have it now.  Presenting, like running a twitter chat, blogging, and voxer, have given me that chance to direct my own learning.  That is the common thread in all of these different avenues.  All of this is still quite new for me.  I find myself exploring, learning, and jumping in head first.

Presenting is just another step in the journey.  It is just another page in the book.  Just another cliché in my blogpost…

(That last part is what happens when I write too late at night! But, I am keeping it because it made me laugh…)

So look out.  I am not stopping with just one day.  I am officially obsessed with the various ways I can direct my own learning on any number of topics.  There is nothing better than gathering a group of people together so that you can learn with them!



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