It Doesn’t Matter How, Just Connect! 143:365×2

I started out at the NJ/PA ECET2 Conference by supporting a friend.  Scott Capro, one of my great twitter connections was stepping out of his comfort zone.  His session was something I am passionate about, but not something I would say was a huge area of learning for me.  Instead, I went with a different intent, to help support and elevate another educator.

Upon reflecting on that session, my first impression is that Scott has a gift for reading people in the room.  He found the people who seemed nervous, he spent extra time with them.  I got to bear witness to someone discovering a new passion.  Scott was a great presenter.  He delivered his message with a blend of organic conversation and passion that made it seem as if it was all straight from the heart.

Two things stood out for me from that session, and they set the tone for my ECET2 Conference.  First, being there for Scott and knowing that later he would be there to support me, was huge.  Second, when one of the people in the session had a hard time following on her phone while the rest of us used iPads and computers, Scott offered his computer.  I was actually taking my iPad out of my bag to offer her when I looked up, and there was Scott opening up his computer, and hopefully her world.

This session, and this action set the tone for me for the day.  This was a place where educators would really go above and beyond to take care of each other.  This was a place where we could take risks and grow.  It was a place where we were really being celebrated.  During that conference and the particular session, we made great connections.  While those connections that we added on twitter were great, the message of that session was simple: Connect with others, it does matter how, just connect.  Together we are better.



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