Be Great Every Day 142:365×2

In what was possible one of the most inspiring hours of education I have spent in a long time Jeff Zoul and Jimmy Casas exploded the NJ / PA ECET2 Conference with energy and excitement.  We talked about leadership, which seems like more of a topic for my other blog, but, the message fits for teachers as much as anyone.

We are all leaders.  We all have an impact on those around us.  Between the two of them during the presentation, it seemed clear the room was with them.  A perfect example of this was how we all go up, high-fived people in the room telling them they are great, awesome, and rock!  Jimmy then asked us if we could keep that energy every day?  Can you do your job with 100% EVERY day?

It comes down to this:  Do you want to be great?  If you are making the decision to be great, you have to commit to the levels of work and energy that it requires.  I wish I could transfer the energy from that room through this blog but unfortunately there is no way to High Five you all!  I know that when the well starts to run dry, and my energy is at its lowest, I can draw on that moment to build up that energy.

What can you find on which to draw energy?  Where can you find your own inspirations?  I found yet another with Jimmy and Jeff.  Getting to spend more time with them throughout the day made me realize that it was not just the presentation where they shined with that energy, but EVERYWHERE!  We all sometimes need inspiration.  Find yours, build on it, and make the decision to be great every day!


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