Making our Mark 141:365×2

Today was international Dot day.  Today I also read the story, The Dot for the first time.  If you have not read the story, you should.  This story to me, is the next generation of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” as the inspirational story for kids going on to do great things.  Even though the stories do not have the exact same message, The Dot is inspiring and shares with kids the concepts of believing in yourself and paying it forward.

We have focussed on making our mark on the world since day one.  The Dot echoes this sentiment.  My kids get it, but sometimes I think adults forget it.  What mark do you leave on the world?  How is what you do changing the world (even your little corner?) So often we forget that what we do matters, how we present ourselves matters.

There is one other part to the story “The Dot” that I think is easily missed, is that the girl signs her work.  She owns it.  There is something special about owning the mark you make on the world.  Despite many people creating a major impact in the world, so many either fail to recognize or fail to acknowledge themselves as an agent for change.

In short, on International Dot Day remember two very important things:

1. You have a mark to make on the world.  The world is waiting for your contribution.

2. Own that mark.  Be confident and proud of your contribution to the world, we are in a better place because of you.


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