Why PLN 140:365×2

Tonight I asked a question on twitter.  I wanted ideas from my PLN about inspiring videos by kids, for kids.  The quick response and quality suggestions were amazing!  I also got (yes I am sure a bit in jest) asked a simple question, “Did you bother to look it up on Google?” Even though the question makes sense because Google has EVERYTHING, I didn’t want EVERYTHING!

I wanted some quality suggestions from people who have used videos before, used sites before, or knew of good things to share.  One of the most powerful and excellent things about having a great PLN, is that I can draw on their experience, their expertise, and their knowledge.  Rather than sort through potentially hours of resources on Google, I can get a few really good resources right away.

While Google search has its purpose, my PLN provides me with access to quality information quickly.

There are many reasons to have a great Professional Learning Network, I have just come to the realization that they are my new Google Search filter.  Great resources are just a message away!


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