Entrusted 139:365×2

The news coming out of the NFL these days is disturbing.  Yes I am aware it is not some new problem, but to hear about it, to see it in your face, brings the issue to the forefront of public attention.  I took a lot of inspiration today from a few voxer messages from Brad Gustafson (those of you who know Brad are most likely not surprised).  Upon hearing about the indictment of Adrien Petersen, his immediate thought was our role as educators as protectors of children.

This has had me thinking about that role for the rest of the day.  I have found myself in a few difficult situations in my career.  Each time there are many factors in the child’s safety and wellbeing that must be considered.  As educators we are entrusted as protectors of children’s safety.  Above all else, we stand guard to ensure that children are safe.

As an educator you will have to make many difficult decisions about the safety of children.  You will be asked to serve as their parent, guide, doctor, psychologist, and many more things.  Above all else, remember that you will be entrusted with the lives of children.  Take their safety seriously.  As much as providing them with avenues to education is important, it becomes irrelevant in comparison to their well-being.


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