Just Like the First Time 135:365×2

Here we are again.  While most of the world is several days or weeks into their school years, we are starting tomorrow.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning.

I think about the young faces that will walk into the room tomorrow, excited and a little tired, and not knowing what to expect.  There is a special excitement for the first day of school.  No matter what the year will bring, each first day is special.  Even though I have been through this now many times, the first day of school always brings up many feelings.  Despite being more confident with my practice than I was as a new teacher, I still harbor the same anxiety about day one.

I still will have trouble sleeping, still worry about all the details, still trying to decide what I will and won’t do/say during those first few minutes.  I am telling you all this, because I believe it is a good thing.  I believe that having that excitement and anxiousness about the new school year is important for educators.

Having those feelings means something important, it means you still care deeply about what you do.  It means you want so badly to be great for the sake of you kids that those feelings can be overwhelming.Most of all, it means you are a true educator.  For those that don’t have those feelings anymore, ask yourselves why?

For new teachers just getting started who have those feelings ALL the time, remember them, you should have those feelings because it means you care!


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