Time To Really Model Failing 132:364×2

Last spring I started a journey that lead me toward wanting a new learning space for my kids.  I asked many people, listen to experts, attended a session at Ed Camp Leadership, all in the hopes of figuring out what would work for both my and my learners in the classroom this year.  I went bargain hunting any and everywhere.  I spent my own money because of mixed responses on being able to do fundraising that required the school tax ID number (despite the fact that people had used Donor’s Choose before.)  I assembled what I believed would be the materials and the concepts necessary to create not just an incredible learning space, but a wow factor with my kids.

I desperately wanted my kids to walk into our learning space on the first day and say, “WOW, this is the coolest place I have ever seen, I can’t wait to go come to school everyday!”  I wanted this space to be a place where kids are so excited by their ability to change, to have choice, and  impact their environment.

Due to delays in construction, a personal need to purge a lot of materials that no longer have a purpose in my class, and a number of obligations and meetings during times when our staff was given time to work in our rooms, and family obligations after school, I basically had a little more than a day to put it all together.

Today I spent almost 13 hours trying to make that possibility a reality.  In the end, I failed… for now.

It is simply not ready.  I needed another day or two to work through everything.  It will get there, I will not allow this setback to keep me from continuing to improve the space for my kids.  Today I failed.  My kids will come in on Monday morning and they may realize that, they may not.  They will notice that things keep changing as the days go on.  I will have to model being ok with this failure and demonstrate how, even in failure, we can persevere and continue to do great things!


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