Learners Aren’t the Only Thing That Matters 134:365×2

So frequently I hear people talk about how our focus should only be on kids, how the only thing that matters is the learners (students) in a room.  The more I think about it, the more I think that this is far too narrow a view of the world of education.

Learners are the centerpiece of education, there is no doubt about it.  But, what matters most is not the learners independent of all other things, but the learners and their relationships with each other, their educators, and their learning environments.  There are certainly more factors of importance, but these are some big ones!

For children to learn and grow into good people, they cannot be viewed independently of all things, but instead viewed in terms of how they connect and build with the world around them.  That interaction includes their teachers, their administrators, their environments and more.

While I agree that kids are the focus, when you focus too much on one object, the surrounding objects get blurry.  We don’t want the other components to get blurred out of importance and relevance.  Instead of putting too much focus on one thing, focus on how the different pieces are interrelated and how they can connect to build learning experiences.


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