Caution: Work in Progress 133:365×2

Yesterday I spent 13 hours in my classroom only to come to the realization that come Monday, I would simply not be completely ready for kids to walk through the doors.  “It is not done”, I thought.  I was stressed, defeated, and mentally and physically exhausted.  Then, I wrote about it.  I processed how I felt through the amazing power of this blog.  I have talked about how valuable it is to write (especially for me) and also how important it is to share!

I shared that struggle only to find my PLN sending me tweets and messages on voxer racing to my side.  They reminded me that the most important thing that would be in my classroom when my kids arrive was me.

Then through some conversations I realized, my classroom should never be “done”.  It will always be evolving throughout the year.  Just like my teaching practice, I should be focussed on always getting better.  I need to accept that yes, I did not get everything where I wanted it for day 1, but I will be consistently trying to improve my room, and we all should be doing this in an attempt to make it better for our learners!


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