When it Rains it Pours 131:365×2

Today I got a second dose of a bridge off my in school “island”.  While I have had a new found partner in doing some classroom redesign work, I was still thinking I am relatively alone in many ideas that I have had in my school.  Last year I talked to many people about the project-based learning and genius hour work my learners were doing, and the response was confusion.  “Why are you doing that with 1st Graders?” or “What exactly do they get out of this?”

While I knew it was valuable for my kids on so many levels, most people still thought I was crazy.  When I found out that our science teacher was going to be doing gifted and talented, I immediately wanted to talk to her about ideas.  I talked about a soap making kit that I had and the genius hour projects my class had done last year.  She responded by saying she could not decide what to do yet, but that she was thinking about creating a makerspace or possibly having a TED-Ed Club.  Just to hear these words coming out of someone else’s mouth in my school made my teacher heart swell, especially when I didn’t plant them there in the beginning!

I was so excited I volunteered to offer my help in any way possible!  Having yet another educator to work through these great ideas within my school is so exciting!

If you have any great shareable resources for this type of work with middle schoolers that I can share with her, please share it with me!  Thanks!


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