Always Better to Have a Partner 130:365×2

I have been on the redesign bandwagon for my classroom since last April, but I have been limited in what I could do until now.  While  I still have many limitations, I am finding some extra excitement because I am not alone!  Unlike most things that I want to try at my school, I have someone else who is working on redesigning their classroom too!

Just having the ability to talk with someone in person has been extremely helpful in developing my imagination for a classroom.  While having your PLN to talk to and share with is phenomenal, it is important to have someone, ANYONE, to ride through some of the new developments in your classroom together.  Not everything is going to work, so it is important that you can find someone to work with you, rather than just marvel at your bold decisions.

In education we need to be adaptive and ready for changes.  There are many changes that are coming to my school.  I am excited to have another teacher to face some that I am taking on voluntarily, as a partner.


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