Am I So Different? 126:365×2

As I talk to people about their kids going back to school I wonder, am I so different than their children’s teachers?  I talk to friends, people I have known a long time and they are hopeful for their kids and the new year.  When they are thinking of that new teacher, I wonder what they really hope to have for their child?

I try not to say too much.  I know that I am very likely going to share things they are somewhat surprised to hear.  How many teachers in children’s schools say, ” I am not giving homework because it doesn’t have academic value for kids,” or “My kids should not sit in desks all day” or even, “I call my kids learners, not students.” There are so many things I see differently than I did months ago,

Thinking that so many kids are going to walk into classrooms, sit in their rows, stay in their seats, read from text books, and lack the awesome that I want to see in my own classroom, is sad.  As educators we need to project the awesomeness we want to see in our classrooms to other teachers as well!


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