Being You 125:365×2

Teaching is not really something that can be quantified down to digits.  There are aspects of teaching that create incredible variables that only someone capable of building upon complex social relationships can survive.  In other words, teaching is a combination of Art and Science.  I am not new in suggesting that, nor am I new in suggesting the following idea, but it is GREAT advice:


When you are trying to develop as  teacher, trying to understand how you are going to teach a certain concept you have to ensure that you are yourself.  Instead of making yourself more like the practices you hope to develop, make those practices like you.  Find ways to allow your personality to come through in the process.

As you grow and become a better teacher, it is important to remember that kids don’t really love grammar, they love people who care about them!  Your job is to develop those relationships that kids cannot help but value.  Who you are as a person is extremely important for teaching, and bringing yourself into the blend between the art and the practice is incredibly important.  Be sure to identify how you own a skill or practice with your own skills or practice and you will be blending the Artsy Scientific world of teaching in a way that will inspire learners in your classroom.


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