A Parent’s Trust 124:365×2

When parents send their children to school, they are giving a tremendous amount of trust to US, teachers.  Whether we secretly think they are insane, think they are the greatest parents ever, or for most, somewhere between that broad spectrum, they all (generally speaking) love their child.  As a parent I realized just how much you could love someone.   When I send my little baby off to school for the first time, I am going to put my trust in the hands of the people who have the job of helping her grow.

I have had in the past, and will again this year, be asked to learn many new things that will help keep my learners safe and allow them the ability to flourish.  As always, when I speak to our parents, I become overwhelmed with the trust and confidence they place in me.  They freely give me their most precious of things every day.  They put them on a bus (an incredible trusting act in itself) and send them to me, knowing that I will care for, protect, and also foster the needs of their child to the best of my ability.

It is that sense of trust that I try to understand when I have parents that seem over the top, “helicopter parents,” because I know that they care about their child.  When parents get frustrated, seem scared, or worried, keep in mind, they are giving your their child to care for and teach.  Your job is not simply to answer their questions, but to calm their fears, lower their anxieties, and reinforce their trust!


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