Why Class Twitter? 123:265×2

My school/district is still not yet on the  twitter band wagon.  Most of our teachers have yet to open up to the incredible learning that takes place on twitter all day, every day.  They are unaware of how incredible twitter can be as a way of sharing your voice, of learning from others, and of learning to interact with the world.

I teach 1st Grade.  Many of my learners come to my class without the ability to read, write, or do any of the things that someone using twitter would need.  They have no concept of digital citizenship.  But, they have LOTS of questions.  Sometimes they have questions they did not even realize they had until you find the right spark!

The push in many upper grades is to access primary resources for learning.  Imagine if primary learners are consistently learning from primary resources!  Have a question about space, ask NASA or an astronaut.  Have a question about how things grow, ask a professor or better yet, a farmer.  Have a question about a book you are reading, ASK THE AUTHOR!!!!

You get the point.  Not only does this allow you to connect with great resources around the world, it is also a way for you to showcase the AWESOME things that happen in your classroom.  Not only can you show them off to parents, but also to other classrooms on twitter.

The potential for using twitter with primary students is obvious.  There are almost no drawbacks if a responsible teacher is working with kids to share their learning and questions.

I hope to be on with my classroom at some point this year, and I hope many others will join us!


One thought on “Why Class Twitter? 123:265×2

  1. We set up our class Twitter account last week and the students help me decide what we should post. It’s a good way for them to identify something interesting or important that we’re currently doing and it also allows us to communicate with parents at the actual time we’re doing and learning something!

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