Edna Was Wrong

This is a great message about external symbolism and bravery! It conveys the power of PLNs, the importance of inspiring your students, and the knowledge that despite feeling like we are on an island, we are never truly alone!

Work In Progress

Edna was wrong.

I am assuming most of us here in the Twitter World of Education have seen the Disney movie, “The Incredibles.” If not, I highly recommend you watch it immediately. In the movie, one of the characters, Edna, says this….


She had her reasons, which you will have to watch the movie to find out what they were, and they were good enough, but I am here to tell you she was all wrong.

My profile picture has gotten me a lot of attention here in this crazy Twitter World. Honestly, I know many of you chose to follow me because of my picture (I can say this as fact because some of you have told me this.) It makes me chuckle because I totally picked that picture on a whim. It was Hero Day at our school, so I had my Superman t-shirt on and my kid-sized…

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