What to Teach on The 1st Day (Revisited) 118:365×2

A long, long time ago I wrote about the 1st day of school. You can find it here. With the school year starting for so many and quickly approaching for others, thinking about what I want my class to leave with is worth revisiting.

When my kids leave on day one I want them to know the following things:

– This is our learning space. It will change, it will be adaptable to their needs.

– This is a safe place. It is a place to take chances, make mistakes, learn, and grow.

– Learning is supposed to be fun!  If its not enjoyable, we are doing it wrong.

– I value all of you as people and you should do the same.

– Try your best, be brave, and be awesome!

There are plenty of days left to get to content. Spend your time wisely and lay a foundation for a better culture with your learners.


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