Taking the #30secondtake Concept to Kids 117:365×2

I have been watching Brad Gustafson’s 30 Second Take Podcast each of the last six weeks.  During this great, short, show, Brad introduces a topic with the excitement and passion that perhaps only he can bring.  Then he throws out an important topic about the current or future state of education.  Each of the two people on the show are given the ability to talk for 30 seconds to state their case.  I love it!  So, this year, I am trying to determine a good way to do this for 1st Graders.

Brad’s idea is genius, but I think it is even more genius than perhaps he realizes (or maybe he does?)

By having kids take a stance on an issue independently of each other, learn about it, and then talk for only 30 seconds, forces them to learn, summarize, and synthesize an idea and best explain why their stance is best.

Maybe we leave out the voting for kids, maybe not? Either way, what an incredible learning opportunity!  Thanks Brad for coming up with this great idea!  I cannot wait to try this with my kids this year!


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