Why New Teachers Need Blogging 115:365×2

I have been seriously blogging for all of about 140 days.  In that time I have written more than 260 blog posts on two different blogs.  While that seems like a lot to most people, it is.  In fact it is an insane amount of blogging and I LOVE IT.  If I were a little smarter I would probably not have chosen to take on two blog 365 challenges at the same time.  Alas I was totally, Ready, Fire, Aim on this one.  Despite that, blogging has been an incredible help to me as a teacher that I wish I had from when I was first starting out.

By blogging daily I force myself to reflect daily on an issue, topic, or learning that has come up in the course of my day.  Reflection is such a powerful tool for a teacher.  We can reflect on lessons, on ideas, on failures.  Each time we do so, we find ourselves growing a little more as an educator and often as a person.  As I write out my ideas and share them with the world (second part is more optional but totally worth it) I find I am getting to know what I believe as an educator even more than I had hoped.

I am not sure what I had originally planned on getting out of the blog 365 challenge, but here are just a few things that I did get from it:

An incredible reflection tool

A catalogue of ideas about nearly any topic

A place for me to go and see how I have changed and grown as an educator

a resource for potential employers to learn more about who I am and what I believe as an educator

A tool for me to share with the world, and open myself up for feedback

If you are new to teaching, blogging is going to change the course of your development forever.  You will become a better teacher for having done so, plus, you will find that there are many others who share your ideas as well!  Not being alone in your ideas, struggles, failures, and triumphs is a very powerful thing that can change your mindset and your career.


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