How YouTube Brings Families and Schools Together 116:365×2

Schools are meant to be a reflection of their community.  They are supposed to embody the ideals, values, and understandings of the community.  The challenge always becomes, how do I get hard working parents more involved at school?  How do I show them what every day class is like?

I started using YouTube this year.  I set up a private channel through my Google Apps account. I upload videos and share the link with our parents, embed the videos into our website when appropriate, and share them with our families.  I have sent out the links as text messages for parents without computers, email, or through our class site.

Why is it so important?  Not every parent can be an active member of the class, not every parent can take off work and come see their child be incredible.  Using YouTube is a way to bring parents into the classroom and school community that otherwise would have never come in.  They can see things about the school that are spectacular, that the kids get to experience daily, and they can do it all without ANY effort! Click here to see awesome!

Do you want to engage parents on a whole new level?  Start sharing with them more regularly the types of incredible things their kids do on a daily basis!  Show them how incredible their kids are when they walk through those doors and you will find parents that support your far more than you ever imagined!


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