How do You Start? 114:365×2

I live in a neighborhood of teachers.  Neighbors on both sides of me  teach.  Today my neighbor told me he got his start of school letter in the mail and how disappointing it was to return himself to the classroom.  I get it, he gets to spend summer with his kids, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, and enjoying his family.  I totally understand that part of it.

But, how you start a year and your mindset getting into the classroom will be important going forward.  I love going back to school.  It doesn’t hurt that I have a love/hate relationship with my summer job, but ultimately, I cannot wait to meet my new kids, their parents, and start working on ways to make this year their most amazing year ever.

I look forward to my opportunities to go back into my classroom, to start thinking about what will make it better.  I have loved having my PLN to help me develop ideas and continue that excitement over the summer.

Before you go back to school (or if you are just getting ready to start) never forget how lucky we are to be a part of this amazing profession.  No matter how difficult it gets, no matter what external detractors you may encounter, in the end, you close the door and you are left with hopeful young minds that have the ability to do incredible things.  Get excited about helping them be awesome.


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