Sharing with Drive 111:365×2

If you work in a Google Apps For Educators (GAFE) school, you have (and everyone else in your school) has access to Google Drive!

I know to many people this is nothing new, but if you are just starting out, find ways to incorporate this for collaboration.

Using Drive to share, collaborate and give feedback is an excellent tool!  This year I will be saving many things to Drive, presentations, anchor charts, and many other ideas. I will also take advantage of Forms to get feedback from parents, kids, and staff members.

One thing I am looking forward to doing most,  is collaborating using google Docs. Teachers are busy, BUSY people!  We cram many hours worth of prep work into an incredibly short time. Who has time to waste? So why not share ideas through Google Docs? I have used it at EdCamp for collaborative note taking, this should happen in staff meetings, class collaborations, and pretty much everywhere that idea sharing takes place!


Try it out! I know I will!


One thought on “Sharing with Drive 111:365×2

  1. Google Docs are very helpful because I don’t have to rely so much on my flash drive. I can work on something at home and it’s there at school the next time I open Drive. I’ve been able to share things with other teachers & admin and search for it easily.

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