How do you Recharge110:365X2

If you haven’t join the group yet, get ready, at some point I am sorry to say you will.  That life draining meeting, the communication with an energy sucking vampire that leaves you exhausted and out of gas for the rest of the day.  So, how do we ratchet up our energy levels again? Here are some suggestions from someone who has been in plenty of those meetings, and I hate those meetings! Music, what ever your flavor is, treat yourself to an overdose of music! Reflect, why did this meeting end up going this way, could I have cut into the story a little bit to make the meeting less awful.  I typically do this through blogging, but if what you say is sensitive or you have concerns about letting others read it, maybe you shouldn’t (don’t blog out things that will get you in trouble:”) Try a new challenge- need to be invigorated, challenge your mind or your body to something new, that sense of achievement will drive you toward feeling better. Sleep! (Oh the irony: I fell asleep trying to finish this last night) but sometimes just getting a good night’s sleep allows you to develop a fresh outlook. Dance! I know this sounds crazy, but dancing makes you feel more awake, more relaxed, and burns off stress. If possible, dance with kids! They are less judgemental and love dancing, dance breaks almost always do the trick! Finally. Let it Go! I wrote a long time ago about one my favorite teachers being a shop teacher. He taught me to drop the baggage! Wise words from such a long time ago! So the next time someone saps the life from you during a meeting, find your way to recharge and be ready to face the next day!


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