“I Used to Love to Read…” 106:365×2

While sitting at work (the restaurant I work at in the summer) I was talking to three recent (In the last 2 years) high school graduates.  I heard two things that made me sad.

The first was “I don’t like reading.”  It was how she felt about it for sure, but when I pressed her on the issue, she started talking about books she liked.

Then, the next girl chimed in, “I used to love to until High School, now I don’t really read anymore. ”  Again she could name books she enjoyed that she had read recently!

I find this extremely baffling and upsetting.  What are we doing wrong? Apparently lots of things.  Why are kids who are 18 and 19 from different schools saying how much they dislike reading, yet talk about books they read?

I don’t teach high school, but apparently we are doing something wrong.  Kids don’t enter school hating reading.  Reading inspires and creates awareness for younger kids, it is exciting and fun. Over the course of 13 years we manage to turn it info a chore.

This needs to be different. It needs to change! What will you do to change it?


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