Going to #EdCampLdr 100:365×2

As EdCamp Leadership creeps closer I am getting more and more excited.  I feel like a kid getting ready to drive to Disney World.  I still consider myself a twitter newbie (some people have laughed at me for thinking this), maybe too naive to be afraid to ask questions of the “experts” in the twitter world.  One thing I do know, is that I will be in a building Monday with some of the most intelligent people I have encountered either online or in person.

What excites me most about going to EdCamp is not just that I will get to meet so many people that I have connected with in the past six months or so, but that I will be able to engage in real conversations about education with them.  I was a Philosophy major in college and my favorite part about it, was sitting in small classes of 10-15 people and discussing/debating the value of ideas.  EdCamp Leadership is going to be a great chance for me to have open conversations with people whom I consider to be both intelligent and passionate about kids.

I am extremely excited to get the chance to meet, connect with, share, and learn with so many great people, not because they are popular on social media, but because of who they are and the ideas they can bring to the discussion.  I look forward to meeting with as many of you as I can while in Philadelphia on Monday.   I will be wearing my brand new (poorly self-made) @Teachergarten T-shirt!  Come say hello!  I can’t wait!


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